China, Biden and the Rare Earths Bull Market – InvestorIntel MI3 Technology Metals Summit Series Starts Thursday, February 4, 2021 | Neon Mining
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China, Biden and the Rare Earths Bull Market – InvestorIntel MI3 Technology Metals Summit Series Starts Thursday, February 4, 2021

Toronto, January 28, 2021 —, the stock source, is pleased to announce a new regular Thursday evening technology metals investment series, co-sponsored with MI3 Communications. Starting with China, Biden and a Rare Earths Bull Marketthe first InvestorIntel MI3 Technology Metals Summit Series will be held online on Thursday, February 4th, 2021 from 6:30-8:30 PM EST.

China, Biden and a Rare Earths Bull Market will address trends for investors and how current events are driving new investment opportunities. MI3’s Mario Drolet and InvestorIntel’s award winning analyst and critical materials expert Frederick Kozak will moderate and introduce the topic. Rare earths industry leaders who will each present 10-12 minutes on their rare earths companies, include:

A panel discussion on China, Biden and a Rare Earths Bull Market will be part of the Summit, moderated by the Technology Metals Show host Peter Clausi, with the following sector experts to participate:

Mario Drolet of MI3 is the event host and commented: “MI3 is very proud to organize our first rare earths summit for the financial community with critical materials coverage leader InvestorIntel. The feedback we are receiving from our audience provides substantial evidence that the investment community understands that investing in rare earths requires an understanding of both the supply chain and the impact of geopolitics on the demand.”

“We have been leading the market for coverage of the rare earths market since 2008,” said InvestorIntel founder Tracy Weslosky. Adding “There is no question that between the burgeoning EV market demands that that we have a bull market rising in the rare earths sector, just look at our InvestorChannel Rare Earths Watchlist where we track this sector daily –

InvestorIntel Corp., which has hosted 7 annual Technology Metals Summits in Toronto annually since 2010, is working with Mario Drolet and the team of MI3 Communications to create a virtual summit that will feature 3 critical materials sector presenters, our next one will be February 11th and will feature lithium.”


Click here to register for the upcoming virtual event, attendance is free.

If you are interested in attending or participating on our 1st virtual Technology Metals Summit on Thursday, February 4th from 6:30-8:30 PM, please click here to register and we will send you a hidden link the day of the event. Again, registration is free. If you have any additional questions, contact Raj Shah for InvestorIntel at

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I look forward to listening to those involved. I see Geopolitics will naturally be a focus but I also hope that the participants will address head on the dilemma facing the US Democratic Admin’ which is the very real battle between realistic green-focused policy and left environmental dogma (e.g., Energy Fuels may be able to address this topic directly).

We have all heard the recent ‘talk’ by Biden re., the vehicles the gov will be buying, but this is at the same time as his ‘actions’ have killed Keystone XL and now the year ban (on off – maybe? – did he not consider how many jobs he is killing off immediately) on fracking on federal land.

What does all this mean for the likes of Bokan and Bear lodge, just as examples? Investors (for true DD) need to hear these potential political threats to RE sector development; particularly, in the US. In fact, limitations imposed in the US may mean greater advantages to CAD RE niche companies?
Further, exactly outside Lynas and ASM how do AUS RE niche companies stand to participate in any potential N. American RE sector moves; why would they be included beyond claims of allies (which AUS is) and friendship?

Just a few questions to get started without even getting into questions re., decoupling and centralized control; RE NdPr cost tipping points vs direct (e.g., Tesla) commercial and or strategic (e.g., US, Japan, S. Korea) investment in feedstock mining/processing, etc., etc.

I hope that those involved will hit these political questions directly. We get the ‘pie in the sky’ from enough releases; reality please.

As usual just my 2 cents worth and worth exactly that. Thanks for arranging and GLTA.