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Andrey S. Dolgiy

Co-founder, President and CEO

Andrey Dolgiy began his career as an Air Force officer after graduating from A.F. Mozhaysky Military-Space Academy at the peak of the Soviet era. The new, capitalist economy reality was scary for many but viewed as a life opportunity for Andrey. A born entrepreneur, he realized the need to make his ideas come truth assuming full responsibility for its execution, success, or failure. He started by rebuilding economic and technology ties on the post-Soviet space lost during the transition from planned to free economy and worked hard in various cross-industries fields of the corporate world – oil and gas trading, heavy machinery and

As an expert, Andrey contributed the experience and skills earned into the creation of the new international business collaboration model which resulted in an intergovernmental treaty and eventually became the Custom Union. Going beyond Central Asia and Eurasia to the Asia-Pacific macro-region Andrey dedicates his knowledge and efforts to further extend united market advantages and benefit from what is developing as New Silk Road nowadays. Mr.Dolgiy also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate Management from Moscow University of Finance and Law.

Vladislav V. Duba

VP of Business Development

Vladislav Duba joined Neon Mining at the beginning of 2020 and brought on board his more than 25 years of extensive experience working across the globe in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. With a focus on business development, financial and organizational restructuring, GR, and strategic development, Vladislav has been involved in a variety of multi-million business transactions, both with private and public corporations. Among key sectors, he has worked in banking, oil and gas, industrial real estate, pharmacy, and, most lately, mining and metallurgy.

From 2016 to 2019 Vladislav played the key role, leading the TSX listed Stans Energy Corp. participation in the joined project with Russian State Nuclear Corporation “ROSATOM” of lithium carbonate production on the Zavitinskoye field in Russia.

Before this experience, since 2010 he was VP Business Development representing Canadian based International private group Nelvik Norsk Hydro Ltd. in Russia and CIS, engaged primarily in oil and gas offshore rig construction and charter,  exploration services provision, and renewable energy sector.

Vladislav Duba holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance and Banking from The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, he began his career as a banking senior executive in the early 1990’s in Moscow.

Mr.Duba currently oversees Neon’s new business opportunities with particular emphasis on rare earth, lithium, cobalt, nickel, graphite, and other Green Energy-related materials.

Oleg V. Kim

Co-founder, VP Head of Operations

Oleg V. Kim is a geologist with deep knowledge of the exploration and mining sector from grassroots to feasibility and development stage projects. His nearly 40 years of extensive experience consists of numerous executive-level positions held in the mining industry, including, but not limited to, Kola Mining Corp., Balakashu Mining Co., Saga Creek Gold Co., Cameco Gold Inc, and Tien Shan Gold Co. He stood at the origins and commencement of the Kumtor Gold Company – the flagship of the Kyrgyz mining industry, now operated by TSX listed Centerra Gold.

In the past 10 years, Oleg was a partner and served as a Qualified Person under JORC standards with the Kazakhstan Mineral Company – a leading international consulting and engineering service provider in the Central Asian and CIS countries.

Oleg’s professional success is based on the continuous educational and practical foundation, the graduation of the Geological and Exploration Departments of the Moscow State University, Russian State University of Geological Prospecting, and McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Mr.Kim holds a Ph.D. Degree in Geology and plays an active role as a Fellow of the Professional Society of Independent Experts of the Subsurface Recourses (PONEN, Kazakhstan),  Geological Society of London, and as a Member of Australian Institute of Geoscientists.

Олег Леонидович Снитко

Член Совета директоров Neon Mining с 2021 года. Директор по инвестиционной политике.

Oleg Snitko has broad experience and background as a senior executive in Government-owned entities and private companies such as JV “SibNeft” and many others.

His professional focus ranges along with investment practices, innovation technology implementation, complex projects realization since he has graduated from Lugansk Machinery Engineering Institute with Honor in 1983.

Besides his business activity, Oleg is co-founder and Chairmen of the International Center for Cultural Development and Cooperation, serving to harmonize the mutual partnership of the Russian Federation and European countries through common projects in the sphere of modern technologies and cultural exchange.

Mr. Snitko has joined Neon Mining in 2019 and is responsible for Investors Relations.

Andrey A. Kurbatov

Chief Financial Officer

The entire career of Andrey Kurbatov was dedicated to the financial aspects of running a business in the Russian Federation and abroad, with both private and state corporations. Andrey graduated from Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation in 1989, St. Petersburg State University of Economics in 1999, and holds a Ph.D. degree in economics.

He began his practical experience as a young professional at the Central Bank of the Soviet Union in the late 1980s, and then witnessed the very complex transition of the old Soviet banking system to a free-market banking model. He has held a number of senior positions in leading financial institutions, such as IFC Bank, ONEXIM Bank, Bank Rossiya, and Bank Vozrozhdenie.

In the middle of 2000-and, he joined as financial director SIBUR and others. Later, Andrey took the Executive Director position in the Zarubezhgeologia, 100% subsidiary of the State-owned RosGeo geological exploration holding, responsible for all company’s exploration and mining projects in African and Latin American countries.
After a successful career at government institutions, Andrey has joined the private sector as a member of the Board in RosGold Ltd (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), SVL GULF TRADING DMCC (Dubai, UAE), and SH TRADE GmbH (Vienna, Austria)
In the Neon Mining Company, Andrey Kurbatov acts as Chief Financial Officer and provides his expertise in dealing with fiscal regulators.


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